Forbes Sheep Sale Market Report


Yarded – 31,600hd   Lambs  26,200   Sheep 5,400

Numbers declined this sale with both lamb and mutton showing the decline. Lamb quality was again very mixed with good numbers of well finished and grain assisted lambs on offer along with the plainer types. The usual buyers were present and competing in a cheaper market. Light lambs eased $5 selling from $96 to $116/head. Trade weights were $3 to $5 easier with prices from $118 to $142/head. Heavy and extra heavy weight lambs were well supplied but eased $5 to $7/head. Heavy lambs sold from $145 to $158 and extra heavy weights received $153 to $221/head. Carcase prices averaged 593c to 618c/kg cwt. Mutton numbers were made up of mostly Merinos and quality continues to be mixed with an increased percentage of plainer mutton yarded. Prices eased with Merino ewes selling from $88 to $138/head. Crossbreds sold from $85 to $150 and Dorper ewes reached $121/head.