Forbes Cattle Sale Market Report


Total Yarding – 883 Hd 

With no sale last week numbers lifted with yearlings making up the majority. Quality was mixed but fair with some good runs of well bred feeder cattle offered along with the secondary types. Well finished cattle were limited in number and the usual buyers were present and competing. 

The better bred yearling steers to feed lifted 10c while the secondary types eased 5c/kg. Middleweights ranged in price from 480c to 630c with heavyweights receiving from 510c to 632c/kg. Steers to processors sold from 440c to 583c/kg. Yearling heifers to processors received from 530c to 605c/kg with those to feed selling from 530c to 570c/kg. 

Heavy steers were limited and reached 480c whilst grown heifers sold from 375c to 420c/kg. Cows slipped 15c to 18c/kg with heavy 3 score selling from 328c to 355c and 2 score selling from 316c to 335c/kg.