Forbes Cattle Sale Market Report


Total Yarding – 961 Hd 

Numbers lifted this sale however quality was very mixed. There was both grain fed and plainer cattle penned along with an increased offering of Bos Indicus type cattle. The usual buyers were present and competing in a cheaper market that did vary with the quality offered.

Yearling steers to feed sold from 450c to 565c/kg for middleweights and 480c to 540c/kg for the heavyweights. Those to processors ranged in price from 480c to 540c/kg. Yearling heifers to feed received from 450c to 524c/kg. 

Heavy steers and bullocks sold from 400c to 485c with mostly grain fed Bos Indicus types offered. Grown heifers sold from 420c to 458c/kg. Cows slipped 5 to 6c/kg with heavy 2 score selling from 320c to 350c with 3 score ranging from 302 to 367c/kg.