Forbes Cattle Sale Market Report


Total Yarding – 1836hd

Numbers eased this sale and quality was also reduced from the previous sale. There was an increased offering of plainer lighter cattle yarded
along with a good run of supplementary fed finished cattle. The usual buyers were present and competing along with restockers in a market
that held firm for the better lines but fluctuated with quality available on the plainer types.
Yearling steers to processors were firm to 4c easier, with middle weights selling from 284c to 316c and heavy weights from 305c to 343c/kg.
Those to feed were 10c to 15c/kg cheaper, partly related to quality. Middle weights sold from 233c to 310c and heavy weights made from 282c
to 306c/kg. Middle weight yearling heifers to processors lifted 6c, selling from 240c to 319c/kg. Heavy weights eased the same to receive from
280c to 327c/kg. Those to feed were 5c to 7c dearer to make from 220c to 284c/kg.
Heavy steers and bullocks were firm to slightly dearer, selling from 288c to 343c/kg. The better finished grown heifers sold from 230c to
309c/kg. Cows held fairly steady though light plain cows showed an improvement with restocker competition present. Lighter cows sold from
164c to 208c/kg. Heavy 2 score received from 210c to 236c and 3 scores sold from 228c to 268c/kg