Forbes Cattle Sale Market Report


Total Yarding – 2181hd

Numbers increased this sale, though quality remained similar to that of the previous sales. There were some handy lines of grain assisted, well
finished cattle offered, along with a large percentage of plainer types. Yearlings made up the majority of the offering along with a larger
penning of cows. The usual buyers were present and competing in a cheaper market.
Yearling steers to processors eased from 12c to 15c/kg. Middle weights sold from 278c to 300c and heavy weights made from 280c to 324c/kg.
Those to feed were also easier with medium weights selling from 245c to 313c and heavy weights selling from 265c to 312c/kg. The heifer
portion to processors declined from 15c to 20c, with middle weights selling from 237c to 282c/kg. The heavier portion sold from 275c to
309c/kg. Those to feed were also cheaper with middle weights making from 230c to 285c and heavy weights from 237c to 269/kg.
Heavy steers and bullocks were limited in numbers and followed the cheaper trend, selling from 254c to 324c/kg. Grown heifers sold from 237c
to 292c/kg for the better finished types. Cows were from 4c to 5c easier, with heavy 2 scores selling from 196c to 231c and 3 scores selling
from 225c to 267c/kg. The best heavy bull made to 284c/kg.