Forbes Cattle Sale Market Report 13/05/24

Total Yarding – 310 Hd

With heavy falls of rain in the area over the weekend, agents yarded 310 cattle. Quality was mixed and not all the regular buyers were present.

Young cattle to the trade were cheaper, vealer steers and heifers sold from 312c to 350c/kg. Prime yearling steers sold between 260c and 320c and yearling heifers 230c to 300c/kg. Feeders sold to a stronger market, steers selling between 280c and 365c and feeder heifers 249c to 311c/kg.

Prime grown steers sold from 244c to 315c and prime grown heifers 230c to 318c/kg. Cows were dearer, 2 and 3 scores selling from 205c to 228c and heavy prime cows 230c to 240c/kg.

Market reporter, Angus Williams