Forbes Sheep Sale Market Report


Total Yarding – 9,850Hd      Lambs – 6,350      Sheep –3,500

Lamb numbers eased and there were only 1,750 new season lambs offered with most now shorn. Trade and heavy lambs made up the bulk with store lambs in very short supply. Merino lambs were also limited to 950 head. Competition was strong on the smaller offering with all buyers operating and price trends were mixed with the new season wooly lambs back $1 to $3/head and the shorn lambs firm.Shorn new season trade lambs made from $152 to $175/head and averaged from 780c to 800c/kg cwt.
Heavy weights sold from $169 to $209/head or 780c/kg cwt on average. Extra heavy weights made from $203 to a top of $245/head.
Merino trades sold from $150 to $175/head to remain firm. The few new season trade lambs sold from $160 to $177/head or to average 785c/kg cwt. Heavy weights made from $170 to $205/head or 750c to 770c/kg cwt on average. Extra heavy lambs sold from $193 to $238/head.
Mutton numbers lifted and the quality remained good. Ewes were best supplied and prices dearer on the light sheep and firm on heavy crossbreds. Medium weight ewes sold from $140 to $162/head. Heavy crossbred ewes made from $228 to $252 and Merinos sold from $218 to $223/head.