Forbes Sheep Sale Market Report


Total Yarding – 14,550Hd   Lambs – 12,150   Sheep – 2,400


Lamb numbers slipped and the quality was again mixed. There were some very good heavy and extra heavy lambs penned and trade weights
were limited. Secondary lambs that more suited the feeder and restocking markets were in good numbers. Merino lambs were back in supply.
The market trend was firm to dearer with the exception of the extra heavy lambs.
Restocking lambs started at $126 for Merinos and sold to $188/head for crossbred lambs to go onto crop. Medium and heavy trade lambs to
24kg cwt were $9 dearer ranging from $179 to $198/head and averaged 780c to 840c/kg cwt. The 24 to 26kg cwt range was limited in
numbers and eased $6 across the weight range $186 to 203/head. Heavy lambs 26 to 30kg were firm $197 to $230/head or 750c/kg cwt on
average. Extra heavy lambs over 30kg cwt were back $3 to $5 reaching $294/head. Merino trade lambs lifted $8 to $10 selling between $180
and $194/head. Best prices hogget reached $230/head.
Mutton numbers eased and the quality was fair to good. Merino ewes made up the bulk and prices cheaper on the plainer lines and firm on
the heavy better covered mutton. Medium weight ewes $134 to $172/head. Heavy crossbred ewes reached $220 and the best wethers
topped at $260/head.