Forbes Sheep Sale Market Report


Total Yarding – 23,850 Hd 

Lamb numbers eased and the quality was good in the heavy and extra heavy lambs with most supplementary fed. Trade lambs and store were limited and varied in quality and there was a good run of heavy Merinos. Not all the usual buyers were operating and the market eased $15 to $20/head.

Trade lambs to 22kg cwt sold from $141 to $177/head and averaged 740c/kg on varying quality. Lambs 22 to 24kg showed more finish and sold from $160 to $192/head or 730c to 760c/kg cwt on average. Heavy lambs to 26kg ranged from $176 to $217 and lambs to 30kg cwt $193 to $244/head and averaged 760c/kg. Extra heavy lambs 30kg and heavier sold from $223 to very heavy lambs reaching $304/head. Heavy Merinos ranged from $187 to $228/head. Best priced hogget reached $212/head.

Mutton numbers eased and quality remains mixed and prices were firm to a few dollars cheaper. Medium weight ewes $127 to $165/head. Heavy crossbred ewes $185 to $248/head and Merinos reached $215/head.