Forbes Sheep Sale Market Report


Total Yarding – 23,800hd      Lambs – 14,100      Sheep – 9,700

Lamb numbers eased and the quality was good in the trade and heavy runs but there were a few new season lambs which were
starting to dry in the skin. There were a few more heavy lambs penned and a good run of Merinos. The market remained close to
New season lambs returning to the paddock sold from $76 to $130/head for the 12-16kg run. Trade lambs sold from $137 to
$160/head. Heavy new season lambs made from $153 to $182 and extra heavy lambs reached $195/head. Most sold on average
from 670c to 700c/kg cwt.
Old trade and shorn lambs sold from $132 to $156/head. Heavy lambs made from $166 to $180 and extra heavy lambs topped
at $242/head averaging 640c to 660c/kg cwt. Merino trade lambs were dearer making from $110 to $147 and heavy weights
reached $164/head. Hoggets sold to $155/head.
Mutton numbers lifted slightly and the quality was mixed. Light sheep lifted the most, while the medium and heavy weights were
$4 to $6/head dearer on average. Medium weights sold from $77 to $126/head. Heavy crossbred ewes to restockers reached
$188/head. Merino wethers topped at $169/head. Most averaged 400c to 450c/kg cwt