Forbes Sheep Sale Market Report


Total Yarding – 33,150hd      Lambs – 21,050      Sheep – 12,100

Numbers lifted with lambs showing the increase. Lamb quality was similar to that of previous sales with both well finished and plainer types
penned. There was an increased offering of lighter store lambs penned. The usual buyer were present and competing in a market that held
firm for the better types but eased on the plainer drier lines.
New season lambs held firm to $4 easier with the better types holding steady while the plainer types showed the decrease. Light lambs sold
from $138 to $158/head. Trade weights ranged in price from $160 to $210 while heavy weights sold from $191 to $228/head. Carcase prices
averaged 860c/kg cwt. Restockers were active on the lighter unfinished lines and paid from $130 to $151/head.
Old lambs followed a similar trend with the better shaped and finished lambs holding firm while the off types eased. Trade weight lambs sold
from $164 to $196/head. Heavy lambs to 26kg sold from $190 to $240 with extra heavy weights receiving from $240 to $261/head.
Mutton numbers showed a small increase and quality was reduced slightly from the previous sale with an increased offering of lighter plainer
sheep penned. Merinos made up the majority of the yarding and prices slipped $8 to $10/head and more in places. Medium and heavy weight
Merino ewes sold from $106 to $200/head. Crossbred ewes ranged in price from $110 to $177 while Merino wethers sold from $94 to