Spring is just around the corner

The annual increase in new season lambs usually bring a softening of the market. The continued wet season has prolonged the availability of the lambs and we may not see the numbers as large as normal.

This may not cause the expected downturn in price to be as great. Lambs that have the right condition and weight continue to attract strong competition with suckers making $169 and old lambs to $200 at Forbes last week.

On a not so bright note, it was announced that as from 1st January 2017, all sheep born in Victoria will be required to have an electronic ear tag.

Intricate details of this plan have yet to be announced, but on point is that sheep from NSW that go to slaughter in VIC are not affected, but Store sheep trading is sure to be affected.

We look forward to more details but we are sure it is going to cause increased labour and paper work for no tangible gain.